Acoustic Guitar

You are totally responsible for the care of your instrument at all time's, when with you or away. keep it away from extreme temperature changes and in a case when necessary. A room humidifier is ideal for numerous wood instrument's or an individual guitar humidifier will suffice.  Keep it clean and have a cloth to wipe the instrument down after each use. Keep it in tune and ready to play with good strings on it. 


Extra strings are a must, tuner, picks, capo, strap, foot stool....always come prepared.


Electric Guitar

Always carry your guitar in a case. hard shell for travel and gigging, soft shell for rehearsal and light travel. be practical and you'll be safe. 


Extra strings, picks, sting winder, capo, slide, strap, chord, peddles, guitar stand, power strip.


Cello and Bow

The cello can be a very delicate instrument and should be handled with care. Hard shell for travel and gigging, soft shell for rehearsal or light travel, be practical, be safe. In colder weather, give yourself extra time to let the cello and case warm to room temperature before pulling it out. Your bow can be as delicate as your cello and should have it's own separate carry case. Do not touch the horse hair with your fingers or on any surface other than the strings. Be delicate with your rosin cake and remember to release the tension of the bow when finished performing or practiceing. Use an individual cello humidifier or a room humidifier to keep the wood from drying out and cracking.


Extra bow, rosin, soft cloth, tuner, end pin floor stop