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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Free starter lessons for underprivileged students

 I am offering a free snare drum and a free 3/4 kid size classical guitar along with free starter lessons to underprivileged kids who otherwise could not afford them, complements of    Music Lessons With John Nieto

Underprivileged Student Referrals:

Referrals must be authorized by a guardian and by the school that they are currently attending. If the student is in a music program I may initially want to contact the music director or person's in charge. 

Donated instrument:

 A good time to donate is now before Christmas. For every student that receives a donated instrument, I will also include extended starter lessons. 

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Help A Child Realize A Dream

You can donate an acoustic guitar

In good working condition You can donate that old acoustic guitar that has been sitting in the closet for all those years now. Some kid will smile knowing an adult was kind enough to donate and now they can take some free starter lessons too.

Donate a violin or cello bow

A good bow goes a long way with no cracks and horse hair in tact. Carbon Fiber bows seem to be all the rage these day's.

A full size violin?

A full size violin is always is a great gift to a child that will bring it to life. Donate one today!

A cello is a large Item

A 4/4 full size cello is a large donation, even a 3/4 kid size cello is large and so is the heart of the one who part's with an instrument that another can also find the magic within.

Electric guitar or bass with case

Keep the dream alive and donate a electric or bass guitar. All electronics and every thing else in tact and in good working order.

We except any instrument in good working condition (only) before given to a child in need

Thank you for your donation and you can be assured that it will find a good home an be part of a child's music education.

Drum Donation (This item is no longer available)

Piccolo Snare with carry case, sticks and drum stand

I will provide 6 rudimentary snare lessons, free of charge to an underprivileged child who receives this snare.     

Guitar Donation

3/4 Kid size classical guitar

 This acoustic nylon string guitar comes with a soft carry case. I will provide 4 extended lessons to an underprivileged child who revives this guitar.

Cello Bow Donation

Beginner carbon bow for cello

A good bow goes a long way. (A carbon bow) Carbon is man made fiber and will not twist or crack like a wood bow. A carbon bow is great for the beginner student.

To donate an instrument

Initially it is best that we speak by phone  to determine the condition and other

  details. 720-878-1983